THE HUMILITY OF SUFFERING (1)                                      2 Kings 5:1-19

And Elisha sent a messenger to him, saying, “Go and wash in the Jordan seven times, and your flesh shall be restored, and you shall be clean.” (v10)

For Naaman, humility was a journey of multiple steps. Like a descending staircase, this fiercely proud man’s path would down and down, step by grudging step, until he finally found himself submerged beneath the waters of the Jordan. Yet in that lowest of places, Naaman met the true and living God in a way that would change his life. It began with the leprosy. In every other way, Naaman was honoured and esteemed and feared. He was commander of the army of Aram, a “great man in the sight of his master,” and was “highly regarded” (2 Kings 5:1) What is more, God himself was with Naaman in battle, giving him victory on all sides. Nor did the man lack personal courage, for Scripture names him a “valliant soldier.” But… he had leprosy.

Though his affliction had not fully advanced, and may not even have been very noticeable, people knew: He may have been able to sense the turned heads, the prolonged stares. And did he note a slight stiffening, a subtle drawing back, when he walked among his fellow officers and the troops?

How that must have grieved and angered this tough, self-reliant general. Anything but that! Yet what could he do? What could anyone do?

What could anyone do? Then one day a little Jewish girl thought she had an idea. How humiliating! A mighty Aramean lord taking advice and counsel from an Israelite? A slave? A little maid? (Encouragement Bible.)

PRAYER LINE: Dear Father, help me to be faithful in my service to You. Thank You for the strength You provide to help me persevere through suffering.


God’s love does not keep us from trials, but sees us through them.

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