TELL YOUR STORY                                                       1 Tim 1:12-20

Your awe-inspiring deeds will be on every tongue; I will proclaim Your greatness (Ps 145:6 NLT)

Michael Dinsmore, a former prisoner and relatively new Christian, was asked to give his testimony in a prison. After he spoke, some inmates came to him and said, “This is the most exciting meeting we’ve ever been to!” Michael was amazed that God could use his simple story.

In 1 Timothy, after Paul had charged Timothy to stay the course preaching the gospel (1:1-11), he shared his personal testimony to encourage the young man (vv12:16) He told about God’s mercy in his own life. Paul said that he had mocked the Lord, but He changed him. In His mercy, God not only counted him faithful and give him a job to do, but He also enabled him to do His work (v12)

Paul considered himself the worst of sinners, but God saved him. (v15)

The Lord is able! That is what Paul wanted Timothy to see, and what we need to see too. Through Paul’s testimony, we see God’s mercy. If God could use someone like Paul, He can use us. If God could save the worst of sinners, then no one is beyond His reach.

Our story of God’s work in our lives can encourage others. Let those around you know that the God of the Bible is still at work today

PRAYER LINE: Father, thank You for the salvation You offer and that no one including me, is beyond the reach of Your mercy, grace, and transforming power. Help me share my story with others so that people can see Your love.


No one is beyond the reach of God’s love (ODB)

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