Romans 13:1-10

Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law. (v8)

Relationships are more easily talked about than entered into. As a young Christian, I regarded other people as the cause of many of my problems. But then I realized that relationships do not so much cause problems as reveal problems. The problems in my relationships were caused not so much by the way others treated me, but by the way I reacted to them. The major problem was not other people, but me. One of the greatest challenges of my life has been to consider others more important than me. Nowhere do I have a greater opportunity to demonstrate other – centeredness than in my relationships – in moving in love to those I might even dislike. Dr. E Stanley Jones defined Christianity as ‘the science of relating well to others in the spirit of Jesus Christ.” He also said, ‘we are as mature as our relationships.” Unless we learn to relate to others in the way that the Trinity relates to each other – in – other – centeredness – we may well find our union with God some what blocked. C. S. Lewis said the Church is a laboratory in which we have the opportunity to fine –tune our relationships. There we learn to love as we have been loved. As we come in contact with people we have an opportunity to practice the art of loving which, as we saw earlier, is of the essence of reality. We are to relate to people, not on the basis of how they relate to us, but on how Christ relates to us. “Love one another. As I have love you, so you must love one another, Jesus instructed (John 13:34) We are to love others as we love ourselves. And, as we do so, we will find we are moving closer to God.

PRAYER LINE: Gracious Lord, help me to make my relationship with You the strongest relationship in my life


When you love others as yourself, everything good will follow.

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