Luke 2:51-52

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.(v52)

Growing is something even Jesus did. He grew in 4 areas (1) He grew in wisdom ‘ “intellectual development (2) He grew “in stature” – physical development. (3) He grew “in favour with God”  – spiritual development (4) He grew “in favour with men” – social and emotional development. Your spiritual growth, should not be compartmentalized, but integrated into every other aspect of your life. This is where we’ve been missing it! You cannot neglect one of these areas without endangering your growth in all of them. So don’t limit Jesus to some religious compartment of your existence and say, “A chapter  a day keeps the devil away.” Wake up to the realization that you can give the Lord of your life greater control over every aspect of your being. This is what makes the Christian life dynamic, not static. But notice something: this is a highly individualized process. We are each in different stages of our development. That’s why comparison is foolish. Don’t spend your life comparing yourself to others, because you’re not them. You are you! Each day examine these 4 major areas and ask, “Lord, how am I doing? In some areas you’ll show up well, in others  you’ll have a long way to go. When it comes to your value and habits you’ll discover that: (a) some are good and just need to be reaffirmed; (b) some are inconsistent and need to be reinforced; (c) some are underdeveloped and need to be refined (d) some are harmful and need to be repented of. Bottom line? You’ll grow if you commit yourself to it? (TWFYT)

PRAYER LINE: Thank You, Jesus, for being my gate. Though Your power, I can do all things. Surround me with Your protection. Amen.


The closer to the Shepherd, the farther from the wolf

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