“I form the light and make the dark, I send good times and bad. I, Jehovah am he who does these things …I have raised up Cyrus…” (Isa 45: 7 -13)

When we refuse to see God’s hand in every situation around us, we are like the pot arguing with its maker. God knows how we feel about these things and how limited our understanding is. He spoke through the prophet Isaiah: “This plan of mind is not what you would work out…” (Isa 55;8-11) Our, skepticism and disappointment in God’s plan is rooted in distrust of God. We’re not convinced that He has our best interest in mind. We question why it is necessary for an innocent child to die under the wheels of a car driven by a drunk in order that the driver come to recognize his need for God. Does God care more for the soul of the drunken driver than he does for the soul of the child or the child’s grieving parents? We all ask countless questions like that, turning them over and over in our minds, and while we are torn by the questions, we have no peace and the situation remains unchanged. The only way out of our dilemma is to accept God’s word on faith. Faith in spite of what we think, feel or see. His Word is that He loves us, and that the death of an innocent child does fit into Gods loving plan for each of the lives affected. We must decide to believe in the nature of his love because He says it is so regardless of whether we feel loved or not. (Merlin C. Carothers)

PRAYER LINE: Once my hands were always trying, Trying hard to do my best; Now my heart is sweetly trusting, And my soul is all at rest – Simpson.


Come apart and rest a while or you may just plain come apart – Havner.



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