“By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance obeyed… not knowing whether he went.” (Heb 11:8,17; Jas 2:23) Abraham was commanded to leave everything he had ever known, to go into a far country, not knowing where he was going. Faith that is obedient. This characterizes the life of Abraham. It is this obedient faith that was imputed unto him for righteousness. It was because of that unwavering, confident, simple, child-like faith that Abraham could go out into the unknown without a road map, with no indication of what he would find at the end of the way other than the command and the promise of God. God fulfilled His promise by working a miracle, giving a son to Abraham and Sarah long after they had passed the time of life in which such a thing seemed possible. Abraham’s entire life is characterized by these words: Abraham obeyed God. When God said “Take now the son…” (Gen 22:2) Abraham neither questioned nor delayed. Abraham had proved himself before God, a man who would stay in God’s perfect will, regardless of the cost. This is what God is looking for. Strict obedience. God will make away. He works with signs and wonders and miracles to fulfill His perfect will in the lives of believers. The believer need not fear to obey God. But it is only by the obedience of faith that the child of God can or will walk forward into testings and trials that come in the maturing of a Christian life. (R.W Schambach)

PRAYER LINE: Ask God to strengthen your faith. Abraham’s faith of 25 years produced Isaac. Your breakthrough is at your door step. Claim it.


We sow the seed. – God produces the harvest.




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