“The Lord that delivered me out of the paw of lion… he will deliver me out of the hand of the Philistine” (v37)

Our richest model of manhood is Jesus Christ. More than any other man, Jesus demonstrated perfect balance in what I call “The duplex nature of a man” the perfect pattern of holistic masculinity. One absolute prerequisite to the celebration of manhood is that there must be a lion and a lamb in every man. David was both poet and warrior, shepherd and general, priest and king. Jesus Christ was both God and man, lion and lamb. The art is to have both and to know when to be which. There must be a tightrope within every man, a dichotomy of two completely different natures. One is so lamblike, vulnerable, fragile, and meek that we are willing to lie down so others can nail us to a cross. At the same time, there is another part of us that roars like a lion, that comes alive in a fight, that is mighty in battle. Man of God, you must walk a tightrope between a lion and a lamp, and only the Holy Ghost can give you true balance in that walk. David was a “man after God’s own heart” even though he had disadvantages just as you and I do. The difference is that he learned how to be a man in the presence of God, and he turned his nation around. (T.D Jakes)

PRAYER LINE: O God, help me see that faith does not mean there is a complete absence of fear. But is the ability to believe in the face of fear. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.



When facing a crisis, trust God and move forward.





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