The entire episode of Road Rage could have been eliminated if the person chose a different thought in the first place however, this is easier said than done

In the heat of the moment, it may be difficult to think rationally. In these situations you can shift your focus and look at it in a different way. This will break the pattern long enough for us going into a tirade; we could marvel how the person did that with total disregard for any one around him. Think perhaps he was rushing to the hospital to see a dying relation or child who had an accident. Imagining these scenarios which shift our feelings from anger to compassion, will eliminate rage and keep us calm, regardless of what was going on around us.

Anchoring yourself with music. Music is a powerful emotional anchor that you can use to recreate a desirable emotional or mental state. Rarely are we actually as tired as we think. More often than not, our feeling tired is a mental drain not a physical state and can be quickly altered by changing our emotional state. Of course there are times when we are really exhausted and need rest. If you want to easily recreate a pleasant emotional state, keep some music around that has special meaning to you and will make you feel good. (Jim Donovan)

PRAYER LINE: Lord, guard our tongue so what we say won’t hurt and carelessly offend; Give us the gracious speech of love, with words that soothe and heal and mend – Sper


A well-chosen word can speak volumes.



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