In order for you to live a happy and productive life and to really take charge of your destiny, it is necessary for you to take control of your emotional states rather than letting them control you. Your emotions are the result of thinking a particular thought. A thought will trigger a series of similar thoughts and internal dialog that will cause the emotional state, like rage, anger, overwhelm, fear, helplessness and other emotional states that you may experience regularly and are blocking your progress. Motion equals emotion. The fastest way, to change an unwanted emotional state is to start moving. That’s right, move. The next time you’re feeling down or depressed, get up and go for a walk. If you suffer from constant depression, please seek professional help. By changing your physiology, you will change your emotional state. Supposing you are driving down the highway peacefully going about your business, when all of a sudden out of nowhere someone cuts right in front of you, almost taking off your bumper. Typically when this happens, we think something like, what a fool. How can he cut me off like that? This leads to a series of similar thoughts until our mood is totally disrupted. If we let the thoughts continue we will have produced the state known a “Road Rage”. If uncontrolled could lead to serious problems, even death for those who allowed themselves to be overcome by it. (Jim Donovan)

PRAYER LINE: May we learn the blessed secret, of delighting in Your will, welcoming what’er You send us, Joy or sorrow, good or ill – Anon.



Peace is found only in Yielding to the will of God.






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