“When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream” (Ps 126:1)

In 2kgs 6:24 -31, Samaria was besieged by the Syrian army and so they could not access supplies. When the food they had was exhausted, there was no way of bringing more. As a result, the famine was rife to the point that the Israelites began to eat unclean animals and to practice cannibalism – eating fellow human beings. But when God decided to intervene in 2kgs 7:10-20, nothing could stop Him. Some famines are more grievious than others. However, from this account, we learn that no matter how terrible a famine situation is, it can be reversed within 24hours. A song writer says, “It’s always darkest before the dawn! True. When a situation gets to unbelievable levels of severity, know that turn around is just around the corner. Our God can turn around any famine situation. Are you going through a famine? That famine you are experiencing shall end suddenly. In addition, we see that the words of prophesy preceded the turnaround. Usually, God’s word of prophesy goes ahead of what God intends to do. When you miss your word of deliverance, it is most likely that you will continue in that negative situation. Remember God used four lepers to terminate famine in Samaria. You can never tell who God will use to terminate that famine you are experiencing. No body is useless in God’s hands. (O.H)

PRAYER LINE: Any where with Jesus I am not alone. Other friends may fail me – He is still my own; Though His hand may lead me over dreary ways, Anywhere with Jesus is a house of praise – Pounds


You need not. Fear where you’re going when God is going with you.



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