“For thou art the glory of their strength and in thy favour our horn shall be exalted” (Ps 89:17)

Divine favour is so powerful that it can give speed to your answers as well as deliver several answers to a single request. In Gen 39:25 Joseph, a poor slave boy who was sold to the family of Potiphar through favour became the overseer over his master’s house. It got to a point that his master trusted him to the extent of not taking stock of what he had. The favour of God can make a nobody to become somebody. If we look at the life of Joseph recorded in (Gen 39:20-23) we see another possibility of divine favour; its ability to turn a prisoner into the Comptroller of prisons. The system of this world allows so much of injustice: hence, you will find the innocents who deserve to be promoted or commended, reminded in prisons. Joseph was in prison for a crime he committed. However, when God’s favour beamed on him, he became the chief warder. All prisoners took instructions from him. By God’s favour that is being released upon you today, you will move from prisoner to warder; you will move from being dominated to being in charge. Notice – some people carry the grace that makes their bosses redundant. As a slave, he made Potiphar redundant. In prison he made the prison Comptroller redundant. When he became prime minister of Egypt, he made Pharaoh redundant. (O.H)

PRAYER LINE : You are called with a holy calling, the light of the world to be, To lift up the lamp of the Savior That others his light may see – Anon.


To lead others out of the darkness of sin, let them see the light of Christ in your life.

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