“… In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed (Gen 12:3 NKJV) In order to bless all the families of the earth, Abraham had to start with his own family. Before a man could qualify for leadership in the New Testament church, they examined his home life. (1 Tim 3:5) Their thinking was, “If he doesn’t succeed there, don’t enlarge his territory. So,

(1) Try to remember that you’re all on the same team. Don’t take your frustration out on your loved ones. Too often, home is where we go when we’re tired of being ‘nice’ (2) Before you speak, get the facts. Nothing’s more damaging than jumping to conclusions “Those who control their tongue will have long life; opening your mouth can ruined everything (Prov 13:3 NLT) (3) Handle it with wisdom. List all your options and you’ll be more objective. That’s how you’d handle a problem at work; why not do the same with your family? (4) Find something good in the situation. Scott Peek writes, “It’s only because of problems we grow mentally and spiritually. It’s through the pain of confronting them that we learn! No matter how bad things seem, every situation holds some thing positive, look for it. (5) Make sure they know as you love them. It’s okay to express how you feel so long as you do it graciously. But make sure your family knows you love them. When people feel loved they can weather, almost any crisis. Think when do you need God’s love most when you deserve it least. Try to follow suit. (TWFT)

PRAYER LINE: We may not know, we cannot tell. What pains He had to bear; But we believe it was for us, He hung and suffered there – Alexander.



At Calvary’s cross, we stand at the cross roads of heaven or hell.




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