“Master, we saw someone casting out demons in Thy name and we forbad him, because he follows not with us (Lk 9:49)

This man was doing the very thing the disciples had been unable to do (Lk 9:40) namely, casting out demons. He confessed the power of the name of Jesus, and was not arrogating to himself a power that belongs to God, but they saw only that” he follows not with us” their jealousy seems to have been for themselves, not for their Lord.

God’s grace is sovereign He works whenever and by whom ever He pleases. Wherever God finds one willing to bow to Christ, and willing to be used by Him. God makes him an instrument of His mercy. It cannot be fettered and hindered from going out! Can those like His disciples to whom He has entrusted more of His priceless truth than to others, possibly arrogate to themselves the exclusive right of declaring the gospel? Such an attitude would ill suit their actual spiritual condition. Souls are being saved, and the gospel is being preached by many whom we regard as not having a tenth of the precious truth that we claim to possess. Shall we rebuke them because they do not follow with us? May there be a revival of God’s work in all our hearts, an awakening of the spirit like that of the early days a spirit of prayer and faith and a spirit of love for souls. Then we will not rebuke those who follow not with us however little truth they may have. (TLIN)


Channels only, blessed Master, but with all Thy wondrous power, Flowing through us, Thou canst use us ev’ry day and ev’ry hour. – M. E Maxwell.



Surrender becomes victory when we yield to God.

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