“For he spake, and it was done, he commanded and it stood fast…” (Ps 33:9)

God’s Word has integrity. God and His Word cannot be separated. Whatever He says has the power of coming into being. Once He has spoken a word of promise, hold fast unto it, not minding whether it looks feasible or not. Over a period of time, it will surely come to pass. God can never promise what He cannot do. So, if He has made you a promise, remain in the place of faith and it will be fulfilled. What are your expectations for yourself, family, church, academics, and ministry this season? They shall be granted to you in Jesus’ name.

What do you believe today – God or the medical report? To enforce God’s promise over your circumstance, you must refuse to walk by sight. Whenever you focus your mind on only what you can see, God is totally out of the equation. Sight kills but faith heals. Sight robs but faith gives. God’s Word can never fail those who trust or depend on it. Is God’s Word working for you? If it is not check your level of trust and dependence. Some people can not stand delays. Habak 2:3 says it is worth waiting for your God – given vision because every vision has its appointed time. Delay has robbed many of their blessings. Go back to God in humility and repentance and reconnect in faith. God’s Word shall stand concerning your life this season. (O.H)

PRAYER LINE: Have you been told you cannot make it; that you’re too old to get married; have a child? Go back to God in humility. Pray a prayer of Agreement with your prayer – partner. It is well in Jesus’ name.



The greater the problem, the greater our opportunity to tap God’s power.

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