“For the love of Christ…if one died… them all died (V14)

Joseph and Death to Self.

Joseph was another hero of faith who first had to die to self and to the flash. Though he was just a young man, God spoke to him through a dream and said, “One day you will rule on a throne and will be a great man” Not long after that. Joseph told his brother about the dream and also his father, who naturally got up set with him. The dream could come to pass but only after Joseph died to self, He had to experience the horrors of betrayal and enslavement, the outrage and shame of false accusation, and finally the wrenching despair of prison before he learned how to die to self. The death process for Joseph began in earnest while he was in prison He had being dying to self all along, but still there was enough of his flesh gasping for life that God wasn’t ready to use him.

Pharaoh had a disturbing dream, a dream that he knew was more than a random jumble of thoughts meaning he had to discover no matter what the cost. And as Pharaoh desperately sought for someone who could interpret the dream; it was then that God caused the butler to remember an interpreter of dreams from long ago. Joseph had died totally to self, and in so doing he became totally alive to the purposes of God. (Benny Hinn)

PRAYER LINE: I want to do service for Christ while I live, and comfort and cheer to poor lonely hearts give; for this is the programme approved by the world to visit the needy and speak of the Lord – Bosch


One measure of our likeness to Christ is our sensitivity to the suffering of others




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