“And the rain descended, it was founded upon a rock” (Matt 7:25) Apart from Abraham, another Bible character who benefited from great divine promise was Joseph. In (Gen 37:3-11) he saw his brothers bowing to him in a dream. This was followed by another dream in which the whole family including his father, bowed to him. These were great promises for young Joseph. By a twist of fate, the one who was expecting to occupy a throne and enjoy the obedience of others was a slave en-route Egypt ( Gen 39:15) Later in Gen 39:19-23, he found himself in prison. Eventually, after several years, he found himself on the throne of Egypt with his brothers doing obeisance and offering to be his servants. One thing we learn from this is that the one who has God’s promise may be required to go through situations that seem vein. God promised Joseph honour, and respect and a position of relevance with virtually every one at his beck and call, yet he spent several years serving others, nonetheless, God’s Word prevailed. This tells us that one who is undergoing an unpleasant situation has the potential of experiencing the exact opposite of what he or she is going through. Satan’s strategy is to make you experience every thing contrary to God’s promise for your life so that you can give up on His promise. Don’t give up. If you remain dogged in the fight and hold on to God’s Word, the devil will give up. Expect contrary winds, but hold on to God’s Word that is ever settled. (O.H)


As you hold on firmly to His Word, every contrary wind will give way this season. Amen.


To worship is to recognize the supreme worth of God.

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