“…the leader should be like a servant…” (Lk 22:26 NLT)

Michael Bruner writes about how, as a brash young college student, he attended a lecture by a former U.S Attorney General. He says, ‘Afterwards I approached him to see if we could meet for coffee. To his associate’s shock he said, “How about tomorrow”… We met and talked for an hour. I peppered him with questions. What famous people had he met? What was it like to be Attorney General in the 60’s? When asked who was the greatest person he’d ever met, he said, “I don’t think of people in those terms”. He went on to tell me something I’ll never forget. Don’t ever seek to be the greatest. Seek instead to do great things. If you aspire to greatness, your greatness will die with you. But if you aspire to do great things, your legacy will live on. The only way to do this is by being a servant. Lead by serving and you’ll do great things. I was too young in the faith to know he’d taken those words from Scripture… Jesus was the embodiment of servant – leadership. He didn’t just tell the disciples what they should do, He did it along with them. As I left the hotel that morning and waited to cross the street, a blind man with a seeing eye dog came up alongside me. I started at the beautiful lab… his senses alert, his sole purpose in life to serve his …matter. Then the light turned green and gently the dog led (him) across the street… God had sent me a living parable. I learned a lesson that morning I would never forget. Pursue great things, not greatness; lead by serving. (TWFT)

PRAYER LINE: Note. He possessed all the world had to give him, He had reached every coveted goal; But alas, his life was a failure, for he had forgotten his soul – Denison.


Poverty of purpose is worse than poverty of purse.


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