“My son, hear the instruction of your father. And do not forsake the law of your mother” (Prov 1:8)

WEALTH often reveals the means by which it was acquired. For the person who has acquired wealth by integrity and because of God’s blessing this is not a threat. For the person who has accumulated wealth through deceit or dishonesty, however, this is a chilling concept. Proverbs is clear that ill-gotten or unwisely acquired prosperity has a way of exposing its beneficiary. No matter what has brought the poor to their position of poverty, God has strong words for those who would take advantage of them. He warns that the person who “oppresses the poor to increase his riches… will surely come to poverty. “Like wise the person who increases his wealth by usury and extortion of the poor is actually collecting wealth to be given over to those who pity the poor. By contrast, the person who freely gives to the poor, says the sage “lends to the LORD” and the Lord Himself “ will pay back what he has given” (Prov 22:16; 28:8; 22:22-23; 19:17) Another way in which ill – gotten wealth might reveal the true character of the one who has acquired it is through eventual consequences, or cause and effect. The vivid picture in Proverbs 1:8-19 of those who seek wealth through criminal activity concludes with the destruction of the criminals themselves (v19) (Kenneth M Durham)

PRAYER LINE: What comes from man will never last – It’s here today, tomorrow past; what comes from God will always be The same for all eternity – Spencer.


Eternity is in the moment – seize it.

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