“As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten, therefore be zealous and repent. (Rev. 3:19)

Pastor Louis Paul Lehman told of a humbling experience in a former church. A missionary who had come to present his work failed to impress Lehman. His appearance, presentation, and type of ministry all seemed to say. “This person is a misfit. Months later, a newsletter came from the missionary that contained striking reports of conversions under his ministry. Pastor Lehman realized he had misjudged the man. “When I read that letter,” he said, “I went to my study and wept and repented.” In his booklet A call to Repentance. Bob Stokes wrote, “Repentance is not only an act, its an attitude. In other words, a repentant sinner carries the characteristic of repentance right through into his Christian experience Although it is difficult to humble ourselves, a repentant attitude reveals a vibrant faith, a humble heart, and a secure relationship with Christ. We cannot grow without it. According to Revelation 3 God loves His children so much that He rebukes and chastens them so they will know the full joy of their salvation. Repentance is not only for hardened sinners but also for deeply sensitive saints who want nothing to come between them and their Lord. Repentance is for everyone – Dennis De Haan.

O Lord, return to me your power that once by grace I knew; Forgive the sin that grieved your heart, And help me to be true – Anon.


A broken heart is the handiwork of God – Bunyan




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