“While he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogue’s house…Thy daughter is dead…” (V35)

Jairus greatest fear had become a reality. Poor Jairus. He had done everything he could to try to get Jesus to his girl in time. But the Lord had been delayed so many times… and now his girl was gone! Time stood still. Now what?

Consider everything that Jairus had faced and the great obstacles he had conquered.

  1. He had to break the tradition which he had lived by all his life 2. He had to overcome the fear of losing his position in the synagogue in order to go to Jesus for help in public 3. He had to fight his way through a crowd to get to Jesus to ask Him to come. 4. Then he had to battle through the crowd to take Jesus to his dying daughter’s bedside. 5. Just when he was making progress, Jairus was slowed down as Jesus was stopped by a woman also in need of a miracle.

Poor Jairus, those final steps toward home were probably the longest he had ever taken. With the news of his daughter’s death and some distance still to go, his thought must have been filled with turmoil and uncertainty. But he didn’t realize at that moment that each step brought him one step closer to his miracle. (Beny Hinn)

PRAYER LINE : The Word is a lamp to my feet, A light to my path always. To guide and to save me from sin and show me the heavenly way – Sellers.



Some people make the Bible say what they want to hear.



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