“Every day, you are kind, and at night you give me a song as my prayer”

Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray. One way of utilizing your pleasant moments is by singing hymns and psalms. Someone defines psalms as what you sing to reflect God’s mercies on your life while hymns are the songs that offer praise to God. On the other hand, spiritual songs are those either written by spiritual people or written about spiritual subject. The Holy Spirit is interested in giving songs to men. He does this when they are asleep. Sometime you wake up from sleep with a song on your lips and spirit. That could point to a victory the Lord has given you during the battle of the night. At other times, you could be so lost in praise or worship and suddenly receive an inspiration for a song. Sometimes, you could be so engrossed with the study of God’s Word that you are inspired to come up with a word-based song. How sensitive have you been to the songs from the Lord? This season the Lord will put a song in your mouth like the Psalmist!


Gracious Father, in Your mercy, let the Holy Spirit give me songs in praise of Your name in all seasons. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


You can trigger Heavenly songs by what you do.



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