“And the house which Solomon built for the Lord. (1kg 5)
(5) Planning Will Always Reveal The Shortest Route To Your Goal. It focuses your total attention on the people necessary, the available time, and the financial costs involved. Planning time is never, never, never wasted time. What is causing you to avoid planning? Some avoid it because they like spontaneity, the freedom of doing what they feel like doing when they feel like doing it. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour ignores the existence of obstacles, unexpected problems and unclear instructions. It is an open invitation to problems. Planning Is Simply Thinking Ahead On Paper. Create your personal dream list and call it, “My Lifetime Goals and Dreams.” Now, dream with wild and unrestrained abandonment and enthusiasm for the next five minutes. Imagine that the pen in your hand is a “Golden Miracle Wand.” Just suppose it was handed to you by your Creator and He said, “Anything you write on this Dream List will occur during your lifetime. Regardless of how miraculous or wonderful it is, I will make it come true if you simply write it down.” Think about it. Wouldn’t that be wonderful and incredibly exciting? Of course it would. (Mike Murdock) PRAYER LINE: Gracious Father, please teach me not only to inculcate the culture of planning toward my goals but to commit the plans to You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails – Max Deprec.

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