“And the house which Solomon built for the Lord…”
Your plan is the map of your intentions. Solomon was specific and detailed when he planned the temple – Read 1kgs) for a detailed description of Solomon’s plan.
6 facts You Should Know About Planning.
(1) Planning Is A Written Picture of Your Journey To Your Goal. It takes time. It takes reworking. But it is the secret of champions.
(2) Planning Helps Eliminate Wrong People From Your Schedule. One of the most successful lawyers in America invests the first hour of every day in carefully planning that day. He believes that quality time should be invested in qualifying those who deserve an appointment with him
(3) Planning Focuses Your Attention On Where It Is Needed Most. Mary Kay Ash is one of the most successful women of America, worth more than $300Million. She has said that every morning she invests time in creating a plan.
(4) Planning Requires Discipline And Determination. Whether You Feel Like It Or Not. Planning is often wearisome. Sometimes you will be tempted to think, “It would be a lot quicker to go ahead and begin my work rather than trying to lay out a plan.” Avoid the trap of an unplanned day. Solomon was meticulous. Focus on your dream and develop a plan for achieving it. (Mike Murdock)
PRAYER LINE: Ask the Almighty God to grant you health of body and mind and the will to resist distractions for people.
Success is largely a matter of holding on after others have let go.

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