…before any plant of the field was in the earth… (V5)
Potential Doesn’t Guarantee Performance.
God made everything with the ability to produce fruit or to reproduce itself. Yet, the potential to produce does not guarantee performance, nor does the quantity of fruit guarantee its quality. You may have a good idea that produces mediocrity – laden results. Or you may have big dreams that amount to very little. This is true because pregnancy is no guarantee of fruitfulness, and performance is not ensured by plans and dreams. Pregnancy and performance match when the potential to produce is properly cared for and developed.
You may have the potential to be a world-class architect, but your ability does not guarantee that you will reach this level of success. You may never progress beyond drawing doll house plans for your daughter or designing a model train for your son. An important key to producing what you are capable of is spending the necessary time and effort to promote the development of your talent. You must cultivate and feed your potential. When God made man, shrubs had not yet sprung from the ground. Only after man’s creation did God plant a garden and give it a river to water it. (Myles Munroe)
PRAYER LINE: We often grow weary in life’s race; We’re driven by its hurried pace; But when we wait upon the Lord, His becomes our sure reward. – D De Haan.
We must never take on more work than we have time to pray about.

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